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The Masons - Maruska & Donna-Marie Mason - are a London based photography and film duo who specialise in advertising, editorial and portraiture photography and moving image. Working with various clients across  fashion, celebrity, beauty and luxury sectors, they fuse their talents into powerful and dramatic imagery. 


Maruska and Donna-Marie are partners in life and also partners in creativity and business. With over 15 years experience in photography, advertising, TV and Film, they create work that captures complexity of characters and real emotion in dramatic and bold style making brands and their subjects stand out from the crowd.  Inspired by people who break boundaries and are not afraid to lead the change, they explore diversity, equality and creativity in a timeless style with an edge.


The Masons work has been published in many publications - Vogue, Marie Claire US, New York Times, Harpers Bazaar, Elle, Dazed, Forbes, Nataal, Revs magazine, Standard, Bello magazine, ArtPlay magazine, WWD, Lucy's Magazine, TMRW magazine etc. Recent clients include Coco de Mer, T Brand Studio, The Macallan, Space NK, Different Eyewear, Jo Malone, Uptown Yardie,  Ezzio, Manito etc. Recent exhibitions include Asmolean Museum, M&C Saatchi, Hoxton Gallery, Art's catalyst etc.


The Masons' skill sets are honed from photography, advertising and Film & TV backgounds. Maruska worked in ad industry for over a decade where she headed up top client relationships and led advertising businesses within well known leading ad agencies. Donna-Marie studied Photography at London College of Fashion and spent a decade in Film & TV as a Costume Designer working with high profile celebrities & producers. They are known for excellent client service and great understanding of advertising processes and branding strategies as well as bringing the best out of the talent that they shoot and handling any talent and clients in all situations. 

The Masons are particularly well known for excellent treatment of different skin tones and detail. Their work is known for standing out from the crowd  - they have built a reputation of classic style with an edge, always pushing and allowing for their subject's personality and story to shine through.


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